What cryptocurrencies are accepted by online bookmakers?

Every year more and more cryptocurrencies appear in the world. It is clear that the leading positions are occupied by the well-known Bitcoin and Litecoin, however, many bookmakers offer their customers other opportunities. If you plan to use any unpopular crypto for sports betting, you should first find out if the office you have chosen works with it.


Of course, it is Bitcoin that takes first place in all possible popularity ratings of cryptocurrencies. This is a long-lived cryptocurrency with the most impressive capitalization. It’s not just called “digital gold”. Yes, the correction of the bitcoin exchange rate of the 2020 model against the backdrop of the raging coronavirus nevertheless shook this status, bitcoin still remains the flagship of the cryptocurrency market.

It is not surprising that most bettors prefer to bet on sports using Bitcoin. All the world’s bookmakers that approve this method of transactions work with this crypto.


Litecoin is the “younger brother” of Bitcoin, created on the basis of its protocol. This currency differs from its “big brother” in ease of use and speed (4 times). Sending and receiving payments in Litecoins can be compared in speed with the delivery of messages in instant messengers. Another plus is the low withdrawal fee.

Capitalization of Litecoin is also growing and already exceeds $5 billion. Experts all strongly advise to keep an eye on Litecoin, since this currency may show even more interesting results in the near future. Therefore, bookmakers almost without exception work with this crypt.

bitcoin cash

In August 2017, the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency appeared by separating from the Bitcoin network. This process is professionally called hardfork. Without delving into complicated terminology, we can say that the reason for the split was the competing plans of a development group to improve the network protocol. The parties did not see eye to eye, which led to the hard fork.

According to experts, Bitcoin Cash will not be able to catch up with its “parent” in any of the indicators. For example, the market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash is only slightly over $18 billion, which is 50 times less than that of Bitcoin. However, some bookmakers willingly use BCH for financial transactions.


Ethereum (or ether) is the main platform for deploying decentralized applications and crypto exchanges, in addition, it is the main altcoin of the crypto market. Ethereum has become the progenitor of almost 90% of cryptocurrency projects.

Ethereum has been strengthening its position in the market throughout 2020, and already in 2021, it broke its record for twice the value of $4.3 thousand. Interest in ether today has been fueled by the launch of Ethereum 2.0, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. This currency is interesting not only for long-term investments, but also for fans of sports betting.


Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency invented just “for fun” or “for the sake of hype”. In 2013, Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer, amid the global boom due to Bitcoin, decided to make a joke and created his own cryptocurrency to prove to everyone that investing a lot of money in this unstable direction is a big stupidity.

Palmer left the project back in 2015, and at the junction of 2020 and 2021, his offspring began to rise sharply in price. In a couple of weeks, the value of Dogecoin has increased 10 times. And the long-term forecast of experts regarding the price of this crypt is very optimistic. Apparently, another notable player is appearing on the market, and some bookmakers are already using this currency.

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